Every family has its own personality, and so does each individual. Communicating that through photography is an art I immensely enjoy, mostly because I just enjoy meeting people and getting to do something meaningful for them. Here on beautiful Kauai there are many scenic spots that just cry out for family portraits. Family vacation is a nice time and this is a great place to create a special memory that everyone will cherish.


Are kids cute or what? They are the most challenging and the most rewarding to photograph at the same time. They possess a freedom that adults have learned to suppress (for obvious social reasons). Yet in kids it’s OK, because they’re just kids. So with children’s photography I like to just let them be their cute little selves, and shoot away catching those expressions that you see and delight in every day, and wish you could cherish forever.

HS Seniors

Somewhere I was reading that most of us will probably never look better than we do at the end of our High School years. Why not have a professional photographer, whose whole job is built around making people look their best, capture you in your prime wearing your favorite clothes, or posing with props or in the environment that best defines you?

Engagement Sessions

Engagement Sessions

Engagement is a time when love is new and fresh, and everything is electric with anticipation and joy and passion and desire. That is why so many couples want to capture those feelings and emotions to remember for a lifetime. When the years have gone by, and the two of you have endured many storms, conquered great heights, shared many precious moments, rejoiced in your own special joys, and your love has grown deep and rich, you will look again at those photos, taken in simpler times, and be refreshed as you’re reminded of the simple joy of just being together.

So let’s have some fun together and capture some enduring memories of the beginning of your journey.

Special Events

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