Kauai Family Photographer

kauai family photographer

Family portraits

Family photography on Kauai, or anywhere, can be a dreaded or an anticipated occasion. Every family, and each individual within the family has their own personality. When the setting and mood is right, those personalities can turn a good picture into a cherished memory. Having the right Kauai family photographer, one that makes the experience enjoyable, can make the difference between an average time, and a memorable experience.

HS Senior Photography

Most of us will probably never look better than we do at the end of our High School years. Why not have a professional photographer, who is an expert at making people look their best, capture you in your prime, wearing your favorite clothes while here on Kauai? Consider combining Kauai family portraits with your Kauai senior portraits while you’re here.

Special Events Photography

We all have memorable occasions from time to time where we want some really great photos to enjoy later. With a professional photographer on the scene to capture your special memories, you can enjoy each moment without having to worry about the photos.

Sports Photography

Being a sports photographer is all about capturing interesting subjects and angles at the right moment. Here are some samples of shots I’ve gotten as opportunities have come along here on Kauai. Check out our Family Portraits Kauai section.


Like flowers, people come in an endless variety — all of them are interesting. Here are some of my favorite photographs mostly taken here on Kauai.  

Children’s Photography

Are kids cute or what? Taking their pictures is probably my favorite thing about doing family photography on Kauai. They possess a freedom that adults have learned to suppress (for obvious social reasons). Yet in kids it’s OK, because they’re just kids. So when photographing children I just let them be their own cute little selves, and shoot their expressions that you see every day, and wish you could cherish forever.

Professional Kauai Family Photographer


Here on beautiful Kauai, there are so many scenic spots just waiting for beautiful families to have a Kauai family photographer take their portrait. Why not capture lasting memories in gorgeous locations with the whole family? As a Kauai family photographer, I know the best locations for each time of day, and where to find the perfect backdrop for your family portrait. I have many shooting locations where I regularly go, and you can see them here. Kauai is a beautiful place to create special memories and beautiful portraits that everyone will cherish for years to come.


A Kauai Family Photographer That Provides a Better Experience


I believe that “A Great Experience Produces Great Photos” and it is my goal to make both happen. If you are enjoying your experience, you will show off your personalities in a special way, which makes it possible for me to capture it in a portrait. A good Kauai family photographer doesn’t just make photos, but an experience. I love getting to know each person and finding out more about their personality through photography. My experience and expertise will help you make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.