TRUCKBED MASTER™ will double the usefulness of your truck bed.

TRUCKBED MASTER™ will keep all your tools or equipment dry and secure while allowing you to load and haul just about anything you would normally haul in your truck bed, including:

  • Large tools and equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Sheet goods; e.g. Plywood, drywall, paneling etc.
  • Long ladders and lumber
  • Yard waste

The back horizontal member is removable to allow loading of large objects that are longer than your truck bed.

Your tailgate can still be opened as usual.

Tie down hooks run the length of each side.

Lids are locked from the sides.

Each side of the unit can be opened separately to allow full access to your gear in your truck bed.

TRUCKBED MASTER™ is like a tonneau cover on steroids!

Purchase Price:  $1,600