These email excerpts are unsolicited responses to my work from former and ongoing clients.

Aloha Dana: We received our prints on Friday and I have to tell you, we are all just thrilled with them.  You do absolutely beautiful work!  The retouching is fantastic (perfect) and you even went the extra mile and  took out the girls’ bra straps (which bothered me but I thought I would just live with it).  We are so pleased with the pictures Dana.  The pictures are of such a high quality and you did just a fantastic job.  I just can’t tell you how happy we are with the overall experience and the end result; the prints.  They are just beautiful.  Amanda and Chantelle couldn’t believe how nice and clear their skin looked in the pictures.  And so natural.  We will just love having the pictures up in our home for years to come; what a beautiful memory of being in Kauai. Thank you again Dana for everything.  God bless. Esther & family
Hi Dana, Thanks again for your superb artistry in producing the only good photo of Donna and I since those taken at our wedding 35 years ago this coming Monday. I knew it was a winner the moment I saw it on the back of your camera. Each of our 3 children now want a copy of the same image along with Donna’s mother and father. The simple fact that they all want copies speaks volumes for your talents. Best regards, Evan
Hi Dana We arrived home yesterday at noon after a marathon flight thru LA and San Fran. Just wanted to thank you sooooo much for spending so much time with us during our family photo shoot.  It was very obvious to us that you love your craft and you are very dedicated to obtaining the best possible photo’s.  We are very excited to see your proofs and will recommend you to everyone we know that is travelling to Kauai!! Nicola
Hi Dana, Photos arrived and are great, thanks also for the extra vertical 5X7’s. It’s really nice to see a professional photographer that has it all, from initial contact to final delivery of product and to such a high photographic standard. You are a credit to your profession. Be proud. Best wishes from Canada, Ewan & Donna
Dana, I received the photos on Monday. The whole family was extremely pleased with the results – especially the photos of our parents. You certainly captured that special relationship between two people who have spent 50 years together -those candid moments, that silent exchange of feeling that passes with a touch or a look!! Thank you!!!! Sandy ps… On a more personal note, in spite of managing almost 700 folks, I find that I meet very few individuals that I actually feel a connection to – but I did have that feeling when meeting you. You are a unique individual who seems to not only love your work but people too. I wish you continued success and happiness.
Aloha Dana, First of all, the pictures are outstanding! You got some great shots and it definitely was a beautiful day… We had a wonderful time on the island, miss it, and can’t wait to come back. We’ll let you know soon what pics we choose. It was great to meet you, too, and it was definitely fun having you do our pictures. Madi says thanks, too, for the lychees and mangos. Janette
Dana, Thank you. We had a fabulous time. …The pictures are beautiful …Thank you for being so great and really making us feel at ease. Alia loves to pose so not much of an issue for her but I am another story. … Again, thank you and we love the pics, had a great time with you, and fell in love with Kauai. You are awesome! Jami
These are nothing less than AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention – AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Wow – I couldn’t be happier – awesome exposure – fabulous composition – and I LOVE the humor!!!!!!! EXACTLY what we are after! Keep it coming! Maholo, Cherie Photo Editor, Frommers Travel Guide
I am sorry if we haven’t told you yet….but you did a GREAT job of taking pictures of all of us!!! 🙂 The pictures are beautiful! It was difficult to narrow them down for me. Have a good day, Kristy
All the 412 guests you have photographed have written me notes about how much they personally liked meeting Dana, what a wonderful photograph you created to keep their memories of Kauai alive, etc, etc…. Let’s hope 2009 is a good year for everyone…. Warm wishes for that, Dick
Hi Dana! We received the pictures! They are beautiful! You did a great job. Thanks for everthing and may God continue to bless you, your family and your business. Thanks, Kristy
Aloha Dana! Thank you again for the great training yesterday! I learned a lot in only a couple of hours and had fun doing it! I really appreciate your willingness to share tips and ideas “from a pro” and your patience to ensure I “got it”. You did a great job explaining things in simple terms an amateur like me could understand without using too much technical jargon. Even when you were reviewing my work and showing me how to make improvements, you were positive and encouraging and never critical. Thanks for the great lesson and for using our “classroom” time to the fullest. I am excited about trying out the new things I learned! I will keep you posted on my progress! Mahalo! Julie Andrews
Dana, Beautiful photos! The hard part will be choosing between them all. In addition to whatever comes with the package I’ll need at least one bigger one. I think that when the whole family is back in Kauai we’ll want you to do a family photo. Thanks for doing such an excellent job, Sylvia
Thanks again…we are quite happy with your work!! Best wishes, Rob
Aloha Dana We have received the pictures and love them! We have already printed a few small pictures and had some friends over who saw them. They are planning to be on Kauai early next year and, you guessed it, they plan to contact you to have family pictures taken. I told them that they had to find their own beach though! 🙂 Thanks, Dave
Aloha Dana, These are fabulous. …You are not going to believe what happened after you left. The kids hosted a luau complete with musicians, dancers, drummers and FIRE dancers. Was like starring in my own movie. Thanks so much for such a special day in our lives. Mahalo. Sharon Corporate Accounts Manager
Great, thanks. My Mom really likes her main picture. You did a great job. Thank you so much! Donna
Dana, We received our photos yesterday. They are beautiful. We have that 5×7 of the two of us in a nice silver frame already. I will smile every time I see it. Thank you, J’aime
Dana, Thanks for sending me the cards. Steve said he was THRILLED with the pictures. I have referred your name to a lady named Charlene who is renewing her vows at HBR in July. I sent her your phone number and web page. Joyce said she might have you do some more pictures of her place as well. Joan
Hi Dana, I couldn’t find my card you gave us and I think you were going to contact me, is that right? We all had a wonderful time with you; you made it so easy, and what a beautiful evening we picked for our photos to be taken. This will be such a gift to have a memoir captured of our wonderful time on Kauai. I can see why you chose to live there. It’s a photographer dreams backdrop. I look forward to hearing from you. Diana
Aloha Dana, Thank you so very much!  We do appreciate all your amazing work and loved every minute of our photo session tonight!  You are truly incredible and your sheer talent is such an amazing gift to all of us! Let’s stay in touch and I will make sure to pass your cards at the Lawai Beach Resort and the Kauai coast at the beach boy!  I will make sure to pass it onto to them and to our friends who frequent Kauai often in Colorado and everywhere. You made my 50th special in many ways.  As we get older I have learned the value more and more of people we meet who at the core know how to embrace life with their skills and passion and energy.  The way you are able to capture the true essence of people’s beauty and the natural beauty of the environment and of course in Kauai that is not difficult to capture.  It’s as breathtaking as your photography is – what a skill and amazing talent you have! Our son (note from Dana – he’s nine yrs old) wants to come to Kauai each year now and have you capture us growing up and in our case get older with your photography.  I told him that sounds like a brilliant idea. Looking forward to our future interactions and that I appreciate your website and your personal words. All the best Cheers Maholo June Jurow
THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I just love these pictures. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone and everyone, and will definitely give you the 5 stars you are ! Aloha & Mahalo, Liz
Mahalo, Dana! April and I enjoyed working with you! We were both anxious to get the pictures but have been trying to avoid harassing you for an ETA. Especially considering there have been 2 holidays since we met, we are surprised and thrilled to have them so soon. Very much appreciated! We love virtually all of the pictures and are amazed at your work. The lighting and colors are fantastic in so many of the shots, and your subjects seemed pretty elated with the occasion to manage mostly good expressions all shoot, too! It was certainly an experience we will never forget, and your photos will help it live on forever for us. I do think we will still want some prints but will need a little time to look them over and figure out what we want or how many. For now, I at least wanted to shoot you a quick thanks! Maybe we will cross paths when we visit the Garden Isle again someday to celebrate an anniversary. Best regards, Kevin