Rain on Kauai

I just have to share this with you, my beloved readers:

It happened to me again last week – I drove all the way to my shoot (one hour) in the pouring rain, only to find the rain letting up a mile from my shoot location, and sunshine at the site.

I know there’s a God above, and He has been particularly gracious to me when it comes to the weather.  I have left my home in the pouring rain dozens of times in the fifteen years of shooting family portraits and weddings on Kauai; and in all that time, I have only had to postpone two shoots.

The most remarkable incident was when I had a shoot in front of the Saint Regis Hotel in Princeville a couple of years ago.  It had been miserable and rainy, with the sky completely covered with clouds all day.  I had a shoot scheduled for the evening, and as usual, I headed that way, with my hopes high, and a prayer on my lips.  I got to the east end of Princeville, where a parking lot faces upwind, and you can see the weather as it approaches.  I waited until the last possible moment before calling my client to cancel.  Literally, in the middle of my sentence, telling him I think we should cancel and reschedule, a tiny strip of blue sky opened up in the distance, the first glimpse of sky I had seen all day.  I suggested we wait a few moments to see what happens, and I would give him a call back.  Over the next few minutes, the blue just kept getting larger; so I called him back, and recommended we go ahead and try for the shoot.

By the time I drove the two miles through Princeville to the Hotel and got down to the beach, the whole sky had opened up, and it was plain to see we were in for a beautiful sunset and a very pleasant shoot.

I don’t think I’m anyone special, but I think God is.  He can always say “No” to our requests, and I will trust Him just as well when that happens, but I’m going to keep on asking, because and he is benevolent and likes to bless those who look to Him.  

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