Here are some tips on looking slimmer when you are getting your photo taken, or, if you’re shooting, you can use these to help your subject look slimmer.

  1. Shoot with a telephoto lens. If you have a zoom lens, that would be the larger of the focal length group of numbers on the side of the lens, e.g. 24mm, 70mm, 200mm etc.  Wider angle lenses (50mm and under) if used close to the subject can cause distortion and actually add weight.
  2. Shoot from an angle higher than your subject. That can go for headshots or full length.
  3. Hide part of the larger person behind someone else in the shot if it is a group shot.
  4. Stretch out the neck a bit; this can be helpful in kissing shots
  5. If a couple, have the partner’s hands cover the shoulders some.
  6. If you are using lighting, or the light is coming in from the side, illuminate the far side of the subject and shoot from the shadow side.
  7. Rotate subject at the waist, so legs are shot from the side and upper body is more head on.
  8. Separate arms from the body.
  9. If seated, make sure the legs are perpendicular from the camera angle, (not aiming into the camera).
  10. (Standing) Cross one leg over in front of the other.
  11. Arch back slightly
  12. Never shoot straight on, always on an angle. 
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